Globus HBOT

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Conditions Benefitted



          Non healing wounds

          Non healing infection

          Post oral surgery healing

How will YOUR patient benefit?

Dental surgeons utilize HBOT because it:

          Significantly shortens the inflammation process

          Growth of new blood vessels (Angiogenesis)

          Increases oxygen perfusion area around wounds

          Increases new capillary growth

          Increases production and improves the action of osteoblasts and osteoclasts

          Helps prevent infection

          Enhances the ability of Leukocytes to remove bacteria and debris

          Potentiates the use of antibiotics and helps kill bacteria

Many patients, when following closely the prescribed protocol for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy notice the following cumulative benefits from the oxygen:

HBOT is used commonly before and/or after surgery

HBOT can help to heal bone disorders by stimulating both the osteoclasts and the osteoblasts. This helps and leads to the re-absorption of dead bone and the creation of new bone. In addition, HBOT stimulates the production of new blood vessels, so that the growing bone receives a steady supply of nutrients, including oxygen. This blood vessel network does two other things: it helps support the function of the osteoclasts, and brings infection fighting white blood cells to the area. Nerve repairing and quicker healing are also positive side effects many notice when undergoing HBOT. A good three-part treatment for bone infections includes the use of antibiotics, surgery to remove the dead bone, and HBOT as a supporting or adjunct treatment. Many dental surgeons are using HBOT before and after surgery.